Saints Row Cheats

Saints Row 3 Cheats

lolzAdd Gang Notoriety (+1 star)
pissoffpigsAdd Police Notoriety (+1 shield)
notratedBloody Mess (everyone killed explodes into blood)
clearskiesClear Skies (change weather)
duiDrunk Pedestrians
givesheperdGive 45 Sheperd
giveapocaGive Apoca-Fists
givear55Give AR 55
giveultimaxGive AS3 Ultimax
givebaseballGive Baseball Bat
cheeseGive Cash ($100,000)
givechainsawGive Chainsaw
givecybersmgGive Cyber Blaster
givecyberGive Cyber Buster
giveblossomGive D4TH Blossom
giveelectricGive Electric Grenade
giveflamethrowerGive Flamethrower
giveflashbangGive Flashbang
givelauncherGive GL G20
givediggerGive Grave Digger
givegrenadeGive Grenade
givekrukovGive K-8 Krukov
givekobraGive KA-1 Kobra
givesniperGive McManus 2015
giveminigunGive Mini-Gun
givemolotovGive Molotov
giveswordGive Nocturne
givercgunGive RC Possesor
givedroneGive Reaper Drone
whatitmeanstomeGive Respect
giveshieldGive Riot Shield
givehammerGive S3X Hammer
giveairstrikeGive SA-3 Airstrike
givesatchelGive Satchel Charges
giverocketGive Shock Hammer
givesonicGive Sonic Boom
givestungunGive Stun Gun
givetekGive TEK Z-10
givedildoGive The Penetrator
giveslm8Give Viper Laser Rifle
giverpgGives RPG
goldengunGolden Gun (one-shot gun kills)
fryholeHeaven Bound (dead bodies float into the air)
heavyrainHeavy Rain (changes weather)
runfastInfinite Sprint
lightrainLight Rain (changes weather)
mascotMascots (all pedestrians are mascots)
goodygoodyNo Cop Notoriety
oopsNo Gang Notoriety
overcastOvercast (changes weather)
hohohoPimps and Hos (all pedestrians are pimps and hos)
repaircarRepair Car (fully repairs vehicle)
giveambulanceSpawns Ambulance
giveanchorSpawns Anchor
giveattrazioneSpawns Attrazione
givebootleggerSpawns Bootlegger
givechallengerSpawns Challenger
givecommanderSpawns Commander
givecondorSpawns Condor
giveeagleSpawns Eagle
giveestradaSpawns Estrada
givegatmobileSpawns Gat Mobile
givekanedaSpawns Kaneda
givekenshinSpawns Kenshin
giveknoxvilleSpawns Knoxville
givemiamiSpawns Miami
givemunicipalSpawns Municipal
givenforcerSpawns NForcer
givepeacemakerSpawns Peacemaker
givephoenixSpawns Phoenix
givequasarSpawns Quasar
givereaperSpawns Reaper
givesandstormSpawns Sandstorm
givesharkSpawns Shark
givespecterSpawns Specter
givestatusquoSpawns Status Quo
givetaxiSpawns Taxi
givetitanSpawns Titan
givetoadSpawns Toad
givetornadoSpawns Tornado
givevortexSpawns Vortex
givevtolSpawns VTOL
givevultureSpawns Vulture
givewidowmakerSpawns Widowmaker
givewoodpeckerSpawns Woodpecker
vroomVehicles No Damage (your vehicle is immune to damage)
isquishyouVehicles Smash (your vehicle crushes other vehicles)
letsrockWeapons (gives a full compliment of weapons)
brainsZombies (all pedestrians become zombies)